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Pepperonis HCM

Pepperonis has taken Vietnam by storm and we have been serving superb pizzas, pastas and other international goodies since we opened our first restaurant in 1997.

Now operating nine café-style venues in Hanoi and one in Saigon, Pepperonis serves uncomplicated comfort food from Italy and around the world at affordable prices.

Not compromising portions or flavor, Pepperonis continues to be popular with the locals, expats and incoming tourists.

Centrally located, spacious with a lively cafeteria atmosphere and famous for our all-you-can-eat buffet, Pepperonis is the ideal spot for a quick inexpensive lunch or dinner.

With pizzas served in all sizes, a variety of pastas & daily specials, we will continue to serve you comfort food at its best.

With an incredible crust, daily created sauces and 100% real cheese.

Pepperonis continues to serve up great tasting pizzas that our loyal following crave.

Pepperonis began with and maintains a plain and simple philosophy – to serve comfort food at its best.


111 Bui Vien, Dist 1 (+848) 3920 7668
35 Le Thanh Ton Str. , 3rd floor,
Parkson Le Thanh Ton
(+848) 3936 9558