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Spotted Cow HCM

The Spotted Cow, was originally developed in Hanoi, back in the day, by The Al Fresco's Group.

The “Cow” as it is affectionately known, has been reborn in Saigon, like a rising phoenix, same but different, with a considerable facelift.

The Cow still offers the same concept that made it successful in Hanoi.

Hearty breakfasts, great pub grub, cheap drinks and the latest sport on TV ensures that “The Cow” is welcomed back with open arms.

On Sundays from 3pm till 5pm the Cow Member Club is still honored, so go find that shirt or come and buy a New one!

Go Hard or go Home!!!

The Cow is open from 9.00am til 12pm.



Ground floor 111 Bui Vien, Dist 1 (+848) 3920 7670